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Fabulocs Training and Certification


Did you know that the natural hair industry (styling, products and care of non-relaxed African American hair) is one of the fastest growing businesses in the United States? As a hair care professional, now is the time to take advantage of this exciting news! Fabulocs offers the training and strategies to equip your business to handle the influx of clients that the natural hair business has to offer. Our intensive workshops, training and certifications are designed to ensure that you and your stylists no longer lose clients to high performance competitors that are primarily skilled in natural hair care. We also offer a product line specifically designed to handle even the most dry hair types and textures associated with African American hair. Last but not least, Fabulocs offers programs to keep our affiliates updated, connected and well equipped to support a career in natural hair and locs.

Fabulocs offers intensive training and workshops to help stylists learn the techniques of natural hair care that have earned Fabulocs national notoriety. In fact, CNN and The New York Times recently acknowledged Fabulocs as one of the growing businesses in today’s weak economy. Fabulocs’ professional standards of excellence allow us to train and assist stylists/salons and attract valued customers. Clients look to Fabulocs as a way to ensure they receive quality hair care and products.


Why Fabulocs Training? (Return to Top)
My name is Nimat Bilal-Young, I am the CEO and founder of Fabulocs Natural Hair Products and Services. The idea of Fabulocs was started due to a lack of reliable product on the market more than eight years ago. As a stylist, I found myself mixing all sorts of products to get one that would work effectively on kinky and coily hair types. Out of my frustration I created the Fabulocs Intense Moisture Therapy. Eventually this led to a full line of natural hair products. I quickly began to study Internet marketing in order to share my product with the world. Fabulocs grew from a single natural hair stylist, to a stylist and a product line. Suddenly, my little business began to flourish faster than I could have ever imagined. I knew I had a great product, but I also created a system of how to style hair and care for customers, which was crucial in my success as a hair stylist. As a means to share the overwhelming influx of customers I began to receive, I needed to recruit one stylist to help service the extra customers. I mentored her into the Fabulocs method of styling and quickly realized that I needed to recruit more stylists to keep up. Eventually, I held the first Fabulocs training program. This program consisted of three key things: product use, customer service, and the Fabulocs method of caring for hair. Fabulocs grew from one to nine stylists overnight. I realized that this would be my calling and contribution. I could help stylists groom their craft as well as support them by helping them gain customers through marketing and product sales! As time went on, Fabulocs began to receive inquiries from all over the world about the possibility of having a Fabulocs stylist in their city. In an attempt to satisfy this need, I decided to expand even further by helping stylists abroad to build their business in order to provide these customers with a Fabulocs Certified Stylist. With this dream, Fabulocs became something much bigger, a vessel that would properly educate stylists, allow the public a credible resource to find a good stylist, a way to unite and support natural stylists all over the world and a means to create a universal core curriculum that stylists and customers can depend on and respect.


Fabulocs Apprenticeships

The Fabulocs Natural Hair Training Program was launched in 2007 in response to the lack of knowledge, proper technique, hair care, and styling standards regarding natural hair exhibited in the ethnic hair industry. The program includes an Apprenticeship in natural hair care and styling presented by Fabulocs, a salon at the forefront of the natural hair care and styling movement. The Fabulocs Apprenticeship program prepares candidates to become creative, well-trained professionals in the demanding natural hair care industry.

The skill and art of natural hair care and styling requires applied theory and extensive hands-on experiences. Apprentices can look forward to receiving applicable theory and practical experience along- side highly-qualified instructors and leading stylists who represent a broad array of perspectives. Apprentices also receive a variety of comprehensive materials, demonstrations, clinical trials and lessons presented in a practical, interactive learning environment. Apprenticeship sessions are designed to teach the skills needed to provide a full range of natural hair services as well as the business skills that are required to succeed as a professional in the salon business. Fabulocs Training Program schedules are individually structured and administered based upon the specific needs of each Apprentice as well as the needs of each group of apprentices collectively. We work with each apprentice in order to create a work schedule that is flexible and accommodates their availability.

This apprenticeship is unpaid. In exchange for the extensive training that the apprentice will receive with Fabulocs, the Apprentice will be expected to perform specified salon related functions and duties in order to provide them with the business skills needed to become a successful professional natural hair stylist.

Begin your new career and sign up for an apprenticeship with Fabulocs!

For more information on obtaining an apprenticeship with Fabulocs, please email us at

Fabulocs Workshops (Return to Top)

Fabulocs will be posting 2013 training and workshops soon. Please be sure to sign up for our mailing list to receive updates!

Fabulocs offers natural hair and loc workshops designed to assist and educate customers.  These hands on workshops teach customers how to care for and protect their natural hair and locs using the Fabulocs Natural Hair Care System. Topics include identifying texture and hair type, understanding the effects of heat and color processing, styling techniques, proper product use, maintaining hair styles and more! Attendee’s also enjoy complimentary continental brunch.

Learn about Maintenance (What’s the Difference?), Touch Ups,
Product Use, Locing and Unlocing, Styling techniques and more…*
* Includes Fabulocs Product Samples, Maintenance Kit,
Food and Beverages.